For the Modern SME

Just a few years ago, doing business electronically with custom software was reserved for large corporations with bottomless budgets. Today that technology is affordable for any size business, and it can save you thousands every year in operating costs.

FileMaker Solutions

  • Electronic Cloning of Forms/Worksheets
  • Desktop or Web-Based Data Entry and Retrival
  • Client and Order Data On The Go (iPad/iPhone)
  • Automated Progression of Tasks
  • Centralized Reporting
  • Tight Integration with 3rd Party Software


FileMaker is a database management system and rapid application development platform which can liberate your business from a paper-based workflow... quickly and with reasonable expense. Your custom FileMaker solution will instantly connect your employees, no matter where they are in the world. Information sharing is effortless. FileMaker can manage all of your clients, work orders, reports and communication -- and then export finished jobs to QuickBooks or other accounting software. The overhead your organization will save through an optimized workflow is business altering. A client calls you but you're not at the office? No problem. Bring up records on your phone and be prepared to answer their questions on the spot. Think of your custom FileMaker Solution as an App, developed just for you, tailored exactly to your needs.

Web Design

  • Ground Up Construction
  • Includes Marketing Content
  • Packages to Fit Most Budgets
  • Flat Rate Development
  • Hosting and Webmaster Services

Web Design

Ready to leave that starter webpage behind but don't know where to start? RIPEDA can build a gorgeous new website for your business with quick turnaround time and affordable pricing. We will meet with you to understand your business model and target audience, and fill out your site with attractive graphics and marketing content. No time to administer your site? Let RIPEDA host your site and provide webmaster services for a reasonable monthly fee. Show your potential clients a polished and professional online view of your business. Put your site to work for your business as an effective marketing tool.

Programming Contracts

  • Fully Scoped Stand Alone Projects
  • Scripted Batch Workflows
  • Scripted Data Mining/Reporting
  • Software Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Software Test Automation


RIPEDA can boost your throughput with that extra bit of bandwidth needed during crunch times to get those critical projects off the back burner. And with decades of leadership experience bringing high quality applications to market, we can also help you overhaul your existing QA and software development process for long term improvement.