Macs for Business

Macs for Business

In 2015, IBM began migrating its workforce from PCs to Macs. The result? They saved an average of $270 per user. Much of the savings were tied to IT overhead. Only 5% of Mac users called the Helpdesk... for PCs a shocking 40%. Imagine the savings that weren't reported as workers struggled on their own. How many hours were wasted while employees waited for yet another reboot. Or took another pass through Network and Internet troubleshooting. Or waited for IT to call them back. Life at work doesn't have to be that hard.

Get What You Pay For

Macs are more expensive than PCs. And there's a reason why. Quality of Apple devices are unmatched. Focus on the necessities, and make them perform flawlessly. Make it easy to do things right, for users and developers. Make it secure. Don't apologize for lost data, just don't lose it. And like other well-made, high quality products, Macs retain their value. AppleCare warranites mean something. And Apple holds all of it's suppliers to it's own quality standards. So Macs are built right, inside and out. When it comes to Macs, you get what you pay for.

Go Mobile, or Go Home

The business market has been changing, becoming more mobile. Workers aren't tied to their desks, and meetings don't always happen in board rooms. Software that is locked into one OS or device is fading into obselscence. That application that used to be available only on PCs? Most likely there is a better option, more reliable, more secure, more user-friendly, and more integrated -- in the Cloud. Oh, and that data? You can get to it from anywhere, on any device.

Mobile Device Managment

Apple has been quietly ramping up Enterprise on Macs, and in true Apple fashion, it just works. Your devices can be registered to your business from the moment they leave the factory, and have all of your business apps and settings installed and ready to go, even before they recipient opens the shrink wrap. Your employee's devices can be managed remotely so that business apps and data stay with your business, even if your employee doesn't.

Purchase apps from your VPP account and deploy them to your entire organization using an MDM frontend such as Bushel or CasperSuite. It's really that simple. Assign an App to an enrolled device from any web browser, and the device will update no matter where it's physically located.

MDM can also install Network and Printer profiles at the click of a mouse. Rather than repeat these steps for each new employee, and then struggle to keep your workforce in sync, deploy apps and settings from a central dashboard for all of your business devices. MDM solutions are available for small businesses with simple requirements, and for large organizations with complex requirements.

There's an App for That

The Mac developer community is diverse, distributed, and trained to give user experience high priority. The App Store is filled with something for every business. Can't find what you're looking for? Developing and deploying a custom app is more affordable on Macs. Platforms like Filemaker allow us to converge quickly on solutions that focus on your requirements.

Custom applications can address needs such as inventory management, student attendance, and communications -- and make that data available on-demand from anywhere in the world on a Mac, an iPhone/iPad, or any web browser. More importantly, customization gives you the power to establish and maintain your workflow and process in software. No more checkboxes that haven't been marked, or deadlines that pass without reminders. Custom software makes it easy to do things right.

Migration is Affordable

Migrating to Macs is Affordable with Phase-In and Leasing Options.

Concerned about the up-front cost of migration from a Windows workforce? Overhauling your business is surprisingly painless. Macs are used to living in a Windows world, so there is no need for all-or-nothing transition. Still use QuickBooks? No problem. We can direct you to a cloud-based alternative, or you can hang onto one PC for traditional accounting. We will put together a plan of action with cost alternatives, including our Mac leasing program. There will never be a better time to take the next step in technology.

Macs Fit Any Business

Education and creative users have historically preferred Macs. Why? Ease-of-use and results-driven focus provides a powerful and accessible platform. No steep learning curve, no tinkering. Things just work like you think they should. Technology as a tool to make your life better. Those strengths are motivating other industries to make a change in how they think about technology. Huge corporations, all the way to micro businesses. Macs are giving back your time.

Restaurants use Macs and iPads to book reservations, manage their seating charts, and take payments.
Restaurants use Macs and iPads to book reservations, manage their seating charts, enter orders, and take payments at the table.
Construction companies use Macs to manage their projects, contacts, and documents. Macs help them deliver on time.
Construction companies use Macs to manage their projects, communications, workflows, trades, and documents. Macs help them deliver on time.
Dental Offices use Macs to manage their patient records, exams and appointments. Standard iPads can easily replace bulky PCs loaded with archaic software in the exam space.
Dental Offices use Macs to manage their patient records, exams and appointments. iPads can replace bulky PCs loaded with archaic software.