Our Philosophy

When we work with you, we become your business partner. Our success is measured by the success of your company. That's why we invest whatever resources are needed to get and keep your business on the right track.



Meet The Team

Roy Miguens

Vice President
B.Sc Electrical Engineering, University of Calgary

Roy has almost 30 years of experience with Apple products. Born and raised in Calgary he started his career in the Silicon Valley area of California working on software used in the majority of semiconductors produced in the last decade. Those include most of the semiconductors used in the iPhone, iPad, Xbox and Intel designs. With his technical skill and reputation, several customers entrusted Roy with multi-million dollar designs so that next-generation designs could be improved.


Nicole Roberts

IT Coordinator

About RIPEDA Consulting

RIPEDA Consulting Corporation was founded in 2011. It became part of the Apple Consultants Network in 2012, and was invited to Apple Headquarters in Cupertino to achieve the Apple Mobility Technical Competency.

Is a unique company because it provides holistic IT services:

  • Focused on efficient and affordable solutions
  • We invest in leading edge technology to save you money
  • Our employees are part owners, which means they care!

Our Clients

Our customers include Legal, Medical, Engineering, Education, Salon/Spa, Design, Construction, Retail and Home users. No customer is too big or too small to benefit from our expertise.

Schools need to manage large numbers of devices, and share them. MDM with JAMF Casper Suite makes the task managable and efficent.
Schools need to manage large numbers of devices, and share them. RIPEDA specialists are seasoned in best-in-class MDM software JAMF Casper Suite to make the task managable and efficent.
Medical offices need reliable technology that won't fail during precious patient time.
Medical offices need reliable technology that won't fail during precious patient time, and will give them access to mobile solutions. Migrating to Macs with the help of RIPEDA has saved our medical clients countless hours and headaches.
Closing a project on time can be an overwhelming challenge. Suppliers, trades, clients must all come together in a work environment which is often one-of-a-kind. RIPEDA Filemaker solutions are flexible and powerful tools to keep milestones on track.

Creative professionals have their first interview with potential clients online.
New clients judge professionals by their online presence. Our web development, design and SEO packages give our client's websites and social media pages the substance that brings in new traffic and builds quality content that will stand the test of time.
Spas and salons can modernize their client management with cloud-based services that allow their clients to book appointments from anywhere, anytime.
Spas and salons have diverse clients with many levels of comfort with technology. RIPEDA has experience with software and technology that will modernize service driven businesses, without alienating their loyal customer base.
Dental Offices use Macs to manage their patient records, exams and appointments. Standard iPads can easily replace bulky PCs loaded with archaic software in the exam space.
Engineering firms support their clients in the field, far from the home office. RIPEDA has managed mobile technology to bring the office to the site, so that forms can be filled out and filed on the spot and important information is at every agent's fingertips.